Meta Tag Generator

Meta tags are a hidden part of the HTML that visitors never see. The meta tags provide  assistance to a visiting search robot. Robots are used to crawl web sites and index pages for the search engines, they are often referred to as spiders or crawlers.

Meta tags belong in the head section of a page and each meta tag contains two elements or properties; (1) its name, (2) its content


(Use Comma and Space after each word) list of words and phrases that are good searchable expressions. Put the best ones at the start and separate them with commas. Don't bother using ineffective words.

The overall length of your keyword tag should be around 25 - 30 words. Never mind whether they are phrases or not, just count the words

remember to put your most important keywords at the beginning

Description: Let it be short and more descriptive. Don't write stories The description key_value has as its contents a summary paragraph for the page. Since some search engines only use the information on the front page, it should be a summary for the entire site. Keep the summary short (less than 150 words) and rich in descriptive words.
Author: the creator of the document.
Copyright: copyright holder of the document.
Revisit After: The revisit-after key_value contents is a time unit to indicate when the robot should recheck the page for changes - 30 days is a good choice for active sites
Robot:  The robots key_value contents can be one of: Index, Follow; Index, NoFollow; NoIndex, Follow; NoIndex, NoFollow. The index / noindex means list page or do not list. The follow / nofollow part means keep looking futher into the site. Robots or spiders are the programs that automatically wander through the web looking for sites to list. This key_value is used to indicate whether you wish your pages to be searched or not. Most search engines respect this key_value. Some even require it (ie. they assume NoIndex, NoFollow).The values ALL and NONE set all directives on or off: ALL=INDEX,FOLLOW and NONE=NOINDEX,NOFOLLOW.
Rating: Use the one that is appropriate for your site.
Charset: (Default is Windows 1252) The charset key_value content indicates the character set used on the page. Search engines may limit indexing to supported character sets.
Language: This is used to flag the language used on the page. Some engines restrict their indexing to specific languages.
Abstract: Some search engines use this as a second description along with the description tag
Comments: Don't write stories