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2011 Black Friday Personal Care

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Personal Care Black Friday List

WalgreenssearchMedline Rollator Walker$79.99
WalgreenssearchMedline Transport Chair$79.99
JC PenneysearchNorelco Razor    $71.99
MeijersearchSonicare Healthy White Rechargeable Toothbrush$69.99
WalgreenssearchSonicare Healthy White Rechargeable Toothbrush$69.99
MacyssearchFree Digital Video Camera w/Purchase of Any Fragrance for $65$65.00
JC PenneysearchRemington R9 Shaver    $63.99
ShopkosearchRemington Foil Flex Razor w/Bonus Trimmer    $49.99
ShopkosearchRemington Rotary Razor    $49.99
JC PenneysearchRemington R5 Rotary Shaver    $47.99
WalgreenssearchOral-B Professional Care Rechargeable Toothbrush$39.99
WalgreenssearchWalgreens Premium Arm Blood Pressure Monitor$39.99
SearssearchConair iStubble    $39.99
TargetsearchSonicare Essence Electic Toothbrush    $34.99
TargetsearchOral B Professional Care Electic Toothbrush    $34.99
WalgreenssearchSonicare Essence Rechargeable e5300 Toothbrush$34.99
ShopkosearchSonicare Essence 5300 Powered Toothbrush$34.99
Rite AidsearchPhilips Sonicare Essence Toothbrush$34.99
Rite AidsearchSonicares Essence Toothbrush$34.99
Menardssearch12 Pc. Wood Box bath Gift Set$29.99
Academy SportssearchMio Classic Fit Heart Rate Monitor w/Pedometer    $29.99
WalgreenssearchWalgreens Pulse Oximeter$29.99
WalgreenssearchPhilips Norelco 7310 Cordless Razor$29.99
WalgreenssearchPhilips Norelco Pro Multigroom QG3270 Razor$29.99
WalgreenssearchRemington Pivot And Flex Foil Shaver$29.99
WalgreenssearchRemington Pivot And Flex Rechargeable Rotary$29.99
SearssearchNorelco 315 Shaver    $29.99
Rite AidsearchConair 13-Pc. Trimmer$25.99
Rite AidsearchConair Chopper Haircut Kit$25.99
Rite AidsearchConair Chopper Haircut Kit$25.99
Rite AidsearchConair Cord Keeper Dryer$25.99
Rite AidsearchConair Cord Keeper Dryer$25.99
Rite AidsearchConair Trimmer$25.99
Rite Aidsearch"Conair Wet Dry 1"" Straightener"$25.99
Rite AidsearchConair Wet Dry 1" Straightener$25.99
Rite Aidsearch"Conair Wet Dry 2"" Straightener"$25.99
Rite AidsearchConair Wet Dry 2" Straightener$25.99
MeijersearchSelect Electric Razors$25.00
MeijersearchSelect Electric Trimmers$25.00
Toys R UssearchExergen Temporal Artery Thermometer$24.99
Rite AidsearchNorelco Corded Razer$24.99
Rite AidsearchNorelco Corded Razor$24.99
ShopkosearchSonicare Power Toothbrush Heads$24.99
Toys R UssearchCrane Cow Cool Mist Humidifier$22.49
Toys R UssearchCrane Frog Cool Mist Humidifier$22.49
SearssearchNorelco 6040 Electric Razor    $19.99
WalgreenssearchBraun ThermoScan Ear Thermometer$19.99
MeijersearchHello Kitty Lighted Makeup Case$19.99
WalgreenssearchComfort Scanner Forehead Thermometer$19.99
WalgreenssearchWahl Deep-Tissue Massager (Thursday Only)$19.99
WalgreenssearchWahl Heat Therapy Massager (Thursday Only)$19.99
WalgreenssearchWahl Lithium Ion All-In-One Trimmer (Thursday Only)$19.99
Academy SportssearchPro-Form Heart Rate Monitor w/Pedometer$19.99
AAFESsearchAndis Men's Multi-Trim Cordless Grooming Kit$19.99
ShopkosearchDesigner Fragrance Gift Sets$19.99
Bealls FloridasearchHomedics Neck Massager$16.99
Bealls FloridasearchSharper Image Foot Massager$16.99
JC PenneysearchRemington 9-In-1 Groomer    $15.99
TargetsearchRemington Textured Curling Tool$14.99
TargetsearchRemington Textured Dryer$14.99
TargetsearchRemington Textured Straightener$14.99
MeijersearchSelect Conair Appliances$14.99
WalgreenssearchWalgreens Basic Arm Blood Pressure Monitor$14.99
Rite AidsearchClaritin Non-Drowsy Allergy Relief$14.99
Rite AidsearchHoliday Bath Gift Sets (Blue)$14.99
Rite AidsearchHoliday Bath Gift Sets (Pink)$14.99
ShopkosearchRemington Hair clipper    $14.99
ShopkosearchRemington Multi-Groomer$14.99
AAFESsearchRevlon 1/2" And 1" Ceramic Straightener Combo Pack$14.99
ShopkosearchRevlon 1/2" Curling Iron    $14.99
ShopkosearchRevlon 1" Hair Straightener    $14.99
ShopkosearchRevlon Hair Dryer    $14.99
Rite AidsearchRevlon 1875 Watt Pink Ionic Dryer$12.99
Rite Aidsearch"Revlon 1"" Hair Straightener"$12.99
WalgreenssearchWalgreens Compact UltraSonic Humidifier$10.00
WalgreenssearchWalgreens Electronic Scale$10.00
WalgreenssearchWalgreens King Size Heating Pad$10.00
WalgreenssearchWalgreens Warm Steam Vaporizer$10.00
WalgreenssearchRenew Life Ultimate Chialife Seeds w/$10 Register Points$10.00
WalgreenssearchNutraLife 30-Ct. SAMe Mood, Joint and Liver Health Pills w/$10 Register Points$10.00
Targetsearch144-Pc. E.l.f. Ultimate Eyeshadow Palette$10.00
Targetsearch7-Pc. Beauty-On-The-Go Set$10.00
Rite AidsearchConair Nose/Ear Trimmer$9.99
Rite AidsearchConair Nose/Ear Trimmer$9.99
Rite AidsearchConair Touch 'N Tone Massager$9.99
Rite AidsearchConair Touch'n Tone Massager$9.99
Rite AidsearchConair 1875 Watt Dryer$9.99
Rite AidsearchConair 1875 Watt Dryer$9.99
Rite Aidsearch"Conair 1"" Straightener"$9.99
Rite AidsearchConair 1" Straightener$9.99
Rite AidsearchConair 2-In-1 Trimmer$9.99
Rite AidsearchConair 2-In-1 Trimmer$9.99
Rite AidsearchConair 5 Position Trimmer$9.99
Rite AidsearchConair 5 Position Trimmer$9.99
Rite AidsearchConair 7-Pc. Haircut Kit$9.99
Rite AidsearchConair 7-Pc. Haircut Kit$9.99
Rite AidsearchHomedics Bubble Bliss Foot Bath$9.99
Rite AidsearchHomedics Bubble Bliss Foot Bath$9.99
Rite AidsearchWahl Micro Finish Trimmer$9.99
Rite AidsearchWahl Micro GroomsMan Trimmer$9.99
ShopkosearchLicensed Youth Cosmetic Gift Sets$9.99
ShopkosearchLicensed Youth Hair Accessories Gift Sets$9.99
ShopkosearchAxe Gift Sets$9.99
ShopkosearchCosmetic Gift Sets$9.99
MenardssearchDigital Glass Bath Scale w/Digital Pedometer$9.88
WalgreenssearchCulturelle 30-Ct. Probiotic Digestive Health Capsules w/$9.50 Register Points$9.50
Bealls FloridasearchEmerson Rechargeable Cordless Shaver$8.99
WalgreenssearchGilette Venus Breeze Razor System$8.24
WalgreenssearchGilette Venus ProSkin 2-1 Razor System$8.24
WalgreenssearchMarkwins 92-Pc. 2 Tier Flip-Up Compact Kit (Thursday Only)$7.99
ShopkosearchBath, Body, Etc Gift Sets$7.99
ShopkosearchThe Color Workshop Fantastic Makeup$7.99
MenardssearchBath Slipper Pedicure Set    $7.49
Fred'ssearch17-Pc. Markwins Polish Gift Set    $7.00
Fred'ssearch21-Pc. Profusion Deluxe Cosmetic Gift Set    $7.00
Fred'ssearch4-Pc. Allegro Deluxe Cosmetics Bag    $7.00
ShopkosearchLicensed Mini Back Pack w/Hair Accessories$6.99
ShopkosearchLicensed Youth Bath Gift Sets$6.99
AAFESsearchUltimate Beauty Compact$6.99
AAFESsearchPerfect Image Blockbuster$6.99
AAFESsearchPerfect Nail Pallet$6.99
AAFESsearch2-Pc. Cosmetic Clutch Set in Assorted Colors$6.99
WalgreenssearchProfound Cosmetics Beauty Gift Set (Thursday Only)$5.99
WalgreenssearchEucerin Skin Care$5.99
Rite AidsearchBounty Basic Paper Towels (8 Pack)$5.77
Rite AidsearchCharmin Basic Bath Tissue (12 Pack)$5.77
Rite AidsearchGillette Custom Plus Razors$5.49
Rite AidsearchGillette Sensor 3 Razors$5.49
Rite AidsearchGillette Simply Venus Disposable Razors$5.49
Menardssearch5-In-1 Grooming System    $5.00
Menardssearch9 Pc. Haircut Kit    $5.00
AAFESsearchSelect Conair Hair Styling Appliances$5.00
ShopkosearchBath, Body, Etc. Limited Edition Soap Pump$5.00
AAFESsearchRusk Calm Gift Set$4.99
Rite AidsearchArrid XX Twin Pack$4.99
Rite AidsearchArrid XX Twin Pack Antiperspirant/Deodorant$4.99
WalgreenssearchRevlon Lip Gloss$4.99
WalgreenssearchRevlon Super Lustrous Lipstick$4.99
WalgreenssearchClairol Natural instincts Hair Color$4.00
WalgreenssearchCover Girl Shineblast Lip Color$3.99
WalgreenssearchCover Girl Wetslicks Lip Color$3.99
WalgreenssearchRemington King Of Shaves 5-Blade Razor System$3.99
WalgreenssearchSheets 10-Ct. Energy Strips w/$3.99 Register Points$3.99
WalgreenssearchNoxzema 12-Oz. Cleansing Cream$3.99
WalgreenssearchNoxzema 25-Pk. Makeup Remover Cloths$3.99
WalgreenssearchNoxzema 90-Pk. Clarifying Pads$3.99
WalgreenssearchNoxzema Skin Care 5-Oz. Daily Scrub$3.99
MenardssearchShower Gel And Scrub w/Caddy    $3.99
ShopkosearchScunci Sequin Hair Accessories$3.99
Rite AidsearchWet N Wild Little Luxuries 9-Pc. Nail Enamel Gift Set$3.00
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