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Wal-Mart Movies Black Friday List

search17 Again (DVD)$9.00
searchAliens In The Attic (DVD)$9.00
searchBlazing Saddles (DVD)$2.00
searchBlood Diamond (DVD)$2.00
searchBraveheart (Blu-ray)$10.00
searchCasino Royale (DVD)$2.00
searchFacing Giants (DVD)$2.00
searchFast & Furious (Blu-ray)$10.00
searchFireproof (DVD)$9.00
searchGI Joe (DVD)$9.00
searchGladiator (Blu-ray)$10.00
searchHarry Potter And The Half Blood Prince (Blu-ray)$10.00
searchHellBoy II (DVD)$2.00
searchHorton Hears A Who (DVD)$5.00
searchHotel For Dogs (DVD)$5.00
searchI Am Legend (DVD)$2.00
searchIce Age: Dawn Of The Dinosaurs (Blu-ray)$10.00
searchIce Age: Dawn Of The Dinosaurs (DVD)$9.00
searchIronman (DVD)$5.00
searchKung Fu Panda (DVD)$5.00
searchLittle Black Book (DVD)$2.00
searchMadagascar 2 (DVD)$5.00
searchMall Cop (DVD)$5.00
searchMarley & Me (DVD)$9.00
searchMonsters Vs Aliens 2 Pack (DVD)$9.00
searchNim's Island (DVD)$5.00
searchQuantum Of Solace (DVD)$9.00
searchSeven Pounds (DVD)$5.00
searchSpaceballs (DVD)$2.00
searchSpiderman 3 (Blu-ray)$10.00
searchStar Trek (DVD)$9.00
searchStephenie Meyer: Breaking Dawn$9.00
searchSurf's Up (DVD)$5.00
searchTerminator 3 (Blu-ray)$10.00
searchThe Big Freeze (DVD)$2.00
searchThe Boondock Saints (Blu-ray)$10.00
searchThe Curious Case Of Benjamin Button (DVD)$5.00
searchThe Dark Knight (Blu-ray)$10.00
searchThe Dark Knight (DVD)$5.00
searchThe Great Longneck Migration (DVD)$2.00
searchThe Marine (DVD)$2.00
searchThe Mummy (DVD)$2.00
searchThe Mysterious Island (DVD)$2.00
searchThe Secret Of Saurus Rock (DVD)$2.00
searchThe Tale Of Despereaux (DVD)$5.00
searchThe Wisdom Of Friends (DVD)$2.00
searchUnderworld (Blu-ray)$10.00
searchUnderworld (DVD)$2.00
searchUnderworld: Evolution (DVD)$2.00
searchWanted (Blu-ray)$10.00
searchX-Men 2 (DVD)$5.00
searchX-Men 3: The Last Stand (DVD)$5.00
searchX-Men Origins: Wolverine (DVD)$5.00
searchYear One (DVD)$9.00
searchYes Man (DVD)$5.00
searchYoung Frankenstein (DVD)$2.00
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Be prepared for the busiest retail shopping day of the year 2009. Retailers such as Wal-Mart. Are opening early and providing great sale prices on their products to start off the holiday shopping season. Listed on this page is the black friday list for Wal-Mart that have leaked on to the internet. As they did the year before. Check out Wal-Mart 2008 black friday ads