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2009 Black Friday Televisions

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Televisions Black Friday List

Abes of MainesearchPioneer KURO PDP-6020FD 59.58" Plasma TV$3,599.18
Abes of MainesearchSamsung UN55B8000 55" LED TV$2,595.18
Circuit CitysearchSamsung UN55B6000 55in LED 1080p 120Hz HDTV Bundle$2,469.99
SearssearchSamsung 55" LED HDTV (Model UN55B6000)$2,469.99
Abes of MainesearchSamsung UN55B7000 LUXIA 55" Black LED Flat Panel LCD HDTV$2,218.18
Abes of MainesearchSharp LC60E77UN 60 inch Aquos Full HD 1080p LCD HDTV$1,995.18
Dell HomesearchVizio 55" LCD HDTV w/Blu-ray Player Bundle$1,649.99
Circuit CitysearchSamsung UN46B6000 46in LED 1080p 120Hz HDTV Bundle$1,599.99
SearssearchSony 52" LCD HDTV (Model KDL52V5100)$1,599.99
SearssearchSamsung 46" LED HDTV (Model UN46B6000)$1,599.99
Best BuysearchSamsung 46" 1080p 120Hz LED HDTV (Model # UN4686000VF)$1,599.99
SearssearchLG 55" LCD HDTV (Model 55LH40)$1,499.99
SearssearchPanasonic 54" Plasma HDTV (Model #TC-P54G10)$1,499.99
Circuit CitysearchSony KDL52V5100 52in 1080p 120Hz HDTV Bundle$1,499.98
Circuit CitysearchSamsung LN52B630 52in 1080p 120Hz TOC LCD HDTV$1,489.99
Abes of MainesearchSamsung LN46B750 46" LCD TV - 46" - ATSC - NTSC - 16:9 - 1920 x 1080 - Surround - HDTV - 1080p$1,418.18
Circuit CitysearchSamsung UN40B6000 40in LED 1080p 120Hz HDTV Bundle$1,399.99
SearssearchSamsung 40" LED HDTV UN40B6000$1,399.99
Abes of MainesearchSamsung LN46B750 46" LCD TV - 46" - ATSC - NTSC - 16:9 - 1920 x 1080 - Surround - HDTV - 1080p$1,378.18
SearssearchSamsung 46" Class LCD HDTV (Model LN46B650)$1,309.99
SearssearchSamsung 52" LN52B530 LCD HDTV$1,299.99
AAFESsearchSony BRAVIA 52" LCD HDTV w/Blu-ray Player$1,299.00
Amazon.comsearchPanasonic VIERA G10 Series TC-P50G10 50-Inch 1080p Plasma HDTV$1,249.85
SearssearchSony 46" LCD HDTV (Model KDL46V5100)$1,239.99
Amazon.comsearchPanasonic VIERA G10 Series TC-P46G10 46-Inch 1080p Plasma HDTV$1,135.85
Abes of MainesearchSamsung UN32B6000 32" Black LED Flat Panel LCD HDTV$1,025.18
CompusasearchSamsung LN46B630 46in 1080p 120Hz TOC LCD HDTV$999.99
Best BuysearchPanasonic Viera 50" 1080p Plasma HDTV (Model # TC-P50U1) w/Blu-ray Disc Player (Model # DMP-BD60K)$999.98
Dell HomesearchSony Bravia 40" 1080p LCD HDTV (Model # KDL40V5100)$989.00
Amazon.comsearchPanasonic VIERA G10 Series TC-P42G10 42-Inch 1080p Plasma HDTV$909.69
Circuit CitysearchSamsung LN46B500 46in 1080p 2HDMI LCD HDTV$899.99
SearssearchSamsung 50" Plasma HDTV (Model PN50B530)$899.99
SearssearchSamsung 46" 1080P Class LCD HDTV (Model LN46B500)$899.99
Best BuysearchSamsung 50" 1080p Plasma HDTV (Model # PN50B530S2F)$897.99
Amazon.comsearchLG 37LH55 37-Inch 1080p 240Hz LCD HDTV$866.97
SearssearchSony 46" Class LCD HDTV (Model KDL-46S504)$854.99
Best BuysearchSony 46" 1080p 60Hz LCD HDTV (Model # KDL465504)$852.99
WalMartsearchSamsung 46" LN46B500 LCD 1080P HDTV (Saturday)$848.00
Best BuysearchSamsung 46" 1080p LCD HDTV (LN46B500P3FXZA)$847.99
Abes of MainesearchSony KDL-40V5100 40-Inch 1080p LCD Flat Panel HDTV, Black$845.18
CompusasearchSamsung LN40B630 40in 1080p 120Hz LCD HDTV$799.99
AAFESsearchSharp 46" LCD 1080p HDTV$799.00
WalMartsearchSony Bravia 46" KDL465504 LCD 1080P HDTV$798.00
Abes of MainesearchSamsung LN40B550 40" LCD TV - 40" - 16:9 - 1920 x 1080 - Surround - HDTV - 1080p$794.18
MicroCentersearchSceptre 46" HDTV 909390$699.99
Best BuysearchInsignia 42" 1080p 120Hz LCD HDTV (Model # NS-L42Q120-10A)$699.99
SearssearchSamsung 50" Class Plasma HDTV (Model PN50B430)$699.99
WalMartsearchSamsung 50" PN50B400 Plasma 720P HDTV (Saturday)$698.00
AAFESsearchSamsung 50" 720p Plasma HDTV$698.00
Best BuysearchSamsung 50" 720p Plasma HDTV (Model # PN50B430P2D)$697.99
Abes of MainesearchSamsung LN32B550 32" LCD TV - 32" - ATSC - NTSC - 16:9 - 1920 x 1080 - Surround - HDTV - 1080p$688.18
WalMartsearchRCA 46" LCD 1080p HDTV (Online Only)$688.00
SearssearchSony 40" Class LCD HDTV (Model KDL40S504)$664.99
Best BuysearchSony 40" 1080p 60Hz LCD HDTV (Model # KDL40S504)$662.99
SearssearchPanasonic 42" Class Plasma HDTV$649.99
BJ's WholesalesearchSharp Aquos 42" 1080p LCD HDTV$649.99
Abes of MainesearchPanasonic TCP42X1 - VIERA 42" X1 Series Plasma Black Flat Panel HDTV$618.18
Abes of MainesearchPanasonic TCP42X1 - VIERA 42" X1 Series Plasma Black Flat Panel HDTV$618.18
SearssearchSamsung 40" Class 1080p LCD HDTV (Model #LN40B500)$599.99
AAFESsearchSharp 40" LCD 1080p HDTV$599.00
Dell HomesearchSharp 42" 1080p LCD HDTV (Model # LC42SB45UT)$599.00
WalMartsearchSayno 50" DP50719 Plasma HDTV$598.00
WalMartsearchSony Bravia 40" KDL40S504 LCD 1080P HDTV$598.00
WalMartsearchSamsung 42" LN40B500 LCD 1080P HDTV (Saturday)$598.00
Best BuysearchSamsung 40" 1080p 60Hz LCD HDTV (Model # LN40B500P3FXZA)$597.99
SearssearchToshiba 40" 1080P Class LCD HDTV (Model 40RV525U/R)$589.99
SearssearchSamsung 42" Plasma HDTV PN42B400$549.99
KmartsearchPanasonic 42" 720p Plasma HDTV (Model # TC-P42C1)$549.99
WalMartsearchSamsung 42" PN42B400 Plasma 720P HDTV (Saturday)$548.00
Best BuysearchSamsung 42" 720p Plasma HDTV (Model # PN42B400P3DXZA)$547.99
SearssearchProscan 40" Class LCD HDTV (Model #40LC45Q)$539.99
OnSale.comsearchSony 32" 1080p BRAVIA S Series LCD HDTV with Built-In ATSC/NTSC/QAM Tuner (KDL-32S5100)$529.00
SearssearchZenith 42" Class Plasma HDTV (Model #Z42PO2)$499.99
Best BuysearchDynex 40" 1080p 60Hz LCD HDTV (Model # DX-L40-10A)$499.99
MeijersearchSylvania 42" 1080p LCD HDTV$499.99
Best BuysearchSamsung 32" 1080p LCD HDTV (Model # LN32B530P7F)$497.99
CompusasearchSamsung LN32B530 32in 1080p LCD HDTV$459.99
TargetsearchApex 40" Full HD LCD TV$449.00
WalMartsearchEmerson 42" PL-P42W-10A Plasma 720P HDTV$448.00
Best BuysearchLG 32" 1080p LCD HDTV (Model # 32LH30-UA)$439.99
MicroCentersearchSceptre X370BV 37" HDTV 436238$419.99
Radio ShacksearchSamsung 32" LCD HDTV$399.99
SearssearchSylvania 37" LC370SS9 LCD HDTV$399.99
AAFESsearchHaier 32" 720p LCD HDTV$399.00
WalMartsearchSamsung 32" LN32B360 LCD 720P HDTV (Saturday)$398.00
Best BuysearchSamsung 32" 720p LCD HDTV (Model # LN32B360C5D)$397.99
SearssearchSony 32" Class LCD HDTV (Model KDL-32L504)$379.99
KmartsearchSony Bravia L Series 32" Class 720p LCD HDTV (Model # KDL32L504)$379.99
SearssearchAOC 32" Full HD LCD TV$379.99
WalMartsearchSony Bravia 32" KDL32L504 LCD 720P HDTV$378.00
Best BuysearchSony 32" 720p 60Hz LCD HDTV (Model # KDL32L504)$377.99
BJ's WholesalesearchSkywalker Trampoline 15' with Game Toss$369.99
SearssearchVIZIO 32" ECO HDTV (Model VO320E)$349.99
Best BuysearchDynex 32" 720p LCD HDTV (Model # DX-L321-10A)$299.99
Office DepotsearchSamsung 26" T260HD Widescreen LCD HDTV$299.99
Amazon.comsearchViore LED24VF60 24-Inch LED 1080p HDTV$299.99
BJ's WholesalesearchProscan 26" Combo Television$279.99
AAFESsearchHCT 32" LCD NTSC/ATSC TV$279.00
Office DepotsearchSamsung 23" 2333HD Widescreen LCD HDTV$249.99
MicroCentersearchSceptre X240BC-FHD 24" HDTV 436196$249.99
CompusasearchSamsung LN22B350 22in 720p LCD HDTV$249.99
Office MaxsearchSamsung 2333HD 23" 1080p Full HDTV$249.99
KmartsearchElement 26" LCD HDTV (Model # 26LE30Q)$249.99
SearssearchSamsung 22" Class LCD HDTV (Model #LN22B350)$249.99
WalMartsearchEmerson 32" LC320EMFX LCD 720P HDTV$248.00
TargetsearchWestinghouse 32" LCD HDTV$246.00
Toys R UssearchHaier 22" LCD TV$199.99
Radio ShacksearchAOC 22" 720P LCD HDTV$199.99
Kohlssearch19" LCD HDTV w/Built-in DVD Player$199.99
MacMallsearchWestinghouse 26" 720p LCD HDTV with Built-In NTSC/Clear QAM Tuner - Refurbished$199.99
Office DepotsearchSamsung 19" 933HD Widescreen LCD HDTV$199.99
SearssearchAudiovox Under Cabinet Kitchen 7" LCD DVD Clock Radio$179.99
SearssearchSharp 19" Class LCD HDTV (Model LC19SB27UT)$179.99
AAFESsearchSharp 19" 720p LCD HDTV$169.00
MicroCentersearchSeagate Barracuda 2TB 5900 RPM HD 181024$149.99
Best BuysearchDynex 19" 720p LCD HDTV (Model # DX-L19-10A)$149.99
MeijersearchSylvania 19" Class LCD HDTV$129.99
BJ's WholesalesearchAcer 22" 1080p HD Monitor$129.99
WalMartsearchSansui 19" HDLCD1909 LCD HDTV$128.00
Radio ShacksearchAuvio 7" Portable TV$119.99
Office MaxsearchPegasus 9" Portable Digital TV$99.99
WalgreenssearchVenturer 15" LCD Digital TV (Thursday)$99.99
MicroCentersearchSeagate Barracuda 1.5TB 3.5" SATA 5900RPM HD 305888$99.99
MicroCentersearchSeagate Barracuda 1.5TB 7200 RPM 3.0GB/s HD 925560$99.99
AJWrightsearchCoby 15" LCD HDTV$99.99
hhgreggsearch13" LCD HDTV$99.97
BJ's WholesalesearchAcomData 1 TB External Hard Drive$94.99
BJ's WholesalesearchSylvania 9" Portable Handheld Digital Telvision$89.99
SearssearchEviant 7" Hand Held TV$89.99
AAFESsearchEviant 7" Portable Digital LCD TV$89.95
WalMartsearchFlat-Panel TV Stand$89.00
Office DepotsearchDigital Prism 7" Portable LCD TV ATSC710$84.99
MicroCentersearchWD My Book 1TB USB 2.0 HD 070227$79.99
WalgreenssearchDigital Prism 7" Portable LCD TV$79.99
Office MaxsearchPegasus 7" Portable Digital TV$79.99
Radio ShacksearchAuvio 3.5" Pocket Digital TV$79.99
TargetsearchHaier 7 Inch Portable Digital TV$79.99
KohlssearchDigital Labs 7 Inch Portable LCD TV$69.99
MicroCentersearchToshibia 500GB Notebook HD 237107$69.99
WalMartsearchPhilips Large Fixed TV Mount$69.00
MicroCentersearchToshiba 320GB Notebook HD 468371$52.99
Circuit CitysearchSideWinder X5 Mouse USB$39.99
Office DepotsearchD-Link Basic N Wireless Adapter$19.99
Office DepotsearchD-Link Basic N Wireless Router$19.99
SearssearchProtection System Bubble Jacket For Girls' & Boys$12.99
MicroCentersearchVerbatim CD-R 52x700MB 50-pack 279307$4.99
KmartsearchPepsi 12 Pack Cans3 For 12.00
KmartsearchPepsi 6 Pack Bottles3 For 12.00
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Be prepared for the busiest retail shopping day of the year 2009. Retailers are opening early and providing great sales within the Televisions department. Listed on this page is the black friday list for Televisions that have leaked on to the internet.

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