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2009 Black Friday Holiday Items

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Holiday Items Black Friday List

LowessearchGE 7-1/2' Franklin Fraser Fir Pre-lit Christmas Tree$298.00
MichaelssearchGypsy The Handheld Design Studio For Cricut (Saturday)$249.99
JoannsearchProvo Craft Gypsy Hand-Held Design Center$249.99
Craft WarehousesearchCircuit Expression Machine + Your Story Book Making Machine Free w/Purchase$249.99
Home DepotsearchGE Fraser Fir 7.5' Pre-Lit Christmas Tree$229.00
JoannsearchSinger ProFinish 14CG754 Serger$199.99
MichaelssearchYudu Personal Screen Printing System (Saturday)$199.99
Home DepotsearchSparkling Pine 7.5' Pre-Decorated Christmas Tree$199.00
JoannsearchProvo Craft Yudu Personal Screen Printer$189.99
Home DepotsearchPaley Pine 7.5' Pre-Decorated Christmas Tree$179.00
Searssearch7.5 ft Twilight Ridge LED Christmas Tree$174.99
KmartsearchMartha Stewart Everyday Holiday 9' Pre Lit Aspen Mountain Slim Tree$149.99
LowessearchGE 7' Slim Colorado Pre-Lit Christmas Tree$148.00
Home DepotsearchWesley Pine 7.5' Pre-Lit Christmas Tree$139.00
Home Depotsearch11'-12' Fraser Fir$129.00
Home Depotsearch10'-11'Fraser Fir$119.00
JoannsearchOttLite 24W 3-In-1 Craft Lamp$109.99
Craft WarehousesearchCube Home Organizers (5 Cubes)$100.00
Michaelssearch7 Foot Pre Lit Slim Scottsdale Pine (Saturday)$99.99
LowessearchHoliday Living Artificial Tree, Wreath, Garland, Topiary Christmas Combo Set$98.00
LowessearchGE 6' Decorated Spruce Pre-Lit Porch Tree$98.00
MichaelssearchCricut Personal Electronic Cutter (Saturday)$97.99
KmartsearchMartha Stewart Everyday Holiday 7' Pre Lit Aspen Mountain Slim Tree$79.99
KmartsearchTrim A Home 7 Foot Unlit Heritage Pine Tree$79.99
JoannsearchSinger Prelude Sewing Machine$79.99
JoannsearchSew Much More Sewing Table$79.99
Home Depotsearch8'-9' Noble Fir$79.98
JC Penneysearch7' Slim Noble Fir Christmas Tree$79.88
LowessearchHoliday Living 6-1/2' Seneca Pre-lit Christmas Tree$78.00
LowessearchHoliday Living 4' 200-Light Soft Tinsel Three Penguins with Presents$78.00
Kohlssearch7 Ft. Pre-Lit Green Tree$69.99
Home Depotsearch5' 250-Light Animated Grapevine Deer$69.97
SearssearchAirblown Inflatable Lighted Outdoor Decorations$64.99
JoannsearchSew Essentials 36"x59" Cutting Table$59.99
Home Depotsearch7'-8' Noble Fir$59.98
Home Depotsearch8'-9' Fraser Fir$59.98
Home DepotsearchAster Pine 6.5' Pre-Lit Christmas Tree$59.00
KmartsearchTrim A Home Chenille Lighted Figures$49.99
Craft WarehousesearchAll Cricut Cartridges$49.99
Home Depotsearch7'-8' Fraser Fir$49.98
Home Depotsearch8'-9' Douglas Fir$49.98
Home DepotsearchPre-Lit 4' Decorated Biltmore Pine Christmas Tree$49.97
Home Depotsearch7 Ft. LED or Pre-Decorated Christmas Trees$49.00
LowessearchGemmy 6' 5-Light Inflatable Rudolph/Snoopy/Mickey$48.00
SearssearchLighted Soft Tinsel Decorations$44.99
TargetsearchPre-Lit Porch Set$40.00
Kohlssearch4 Ft. Outdoor Porch Trees (Set of 2)$39.99
KmartsearchLicensed Soft Tinsel Outdoor Decor$39.99
True Valuesearch7-Ft Tall Pre-Lit Plymouth Spruce Tree$39.99
MichaelssearchCreatology 103-Piece Easel Art Set$39.99
JoannsearchRowenta DX6900 Power Duo Iron$39.99
JoannsearchQuilter's Bag (Saturday)$39.99
Home Depotsearch7'-8' Douglas Fir$39.98
Home Depotsearch6'-7' Noble Fir$39.98
Home Depotsearch2.5' 150-Light Grapvevine Dog$39.97
Home DepotsearchPre-Lit 4' Decorated Christmas Tree$39.97
JC PenneysearchSet of Two Pre-Lit 3' Christmas Topiaries$38.88
LowessearchHoliday Living 6-1/2' Bridgton Pre-lit Christmas Tree$38.00
LowessearchPre-lit 6.5' 400-Light Clear Christmas Tree$38.00
Craft WarehousesearchBacking Kit$37.99
JoannsearchHoliday Inspirations 7-Foot Pre-Lit Christmas Tree$35.00
Home Depotsearch6'-7' Fraser Fir$34.98
Home Depotsearch200-Light LED Reel$34.97
LowessearchHoliday Living 5' 300-Light Metallic Grazing Doe$34.97
Home DepotsearchPre-Lit 5' Pine Christmas Tree$34.97
WalgreenssearchLighted Christmas Decorations$29.99
MichaelssearchBox Table Easel (Saturday)$29.99
Michaelssearch4 Foot Pre-Lit Hillside Pine Tree$29.99
MichaelssearchCustom Frame Your 5"x7"$29.99
KmartsearchTrim A Home Inflatable Animals$29.99
KmartsearchTrim A Home Collectible Lighted Buildings With Music$29.99
KmartsearchTrim A Home Collectible Lighted Buildings w/Music$29.99
JoannsearchRolling Sewing Machine Tote$29.99
Home Depotsearch6'-7' Douglas Fir$29.98
Home Depotsearch7' Airblown Inflatable Lighted Snowman or Santa$29.98
Home DepotsearchGE Pre-Lit 26" Decorated Wreaths$29.97
Targetsearch6-Ft. Norfolk Artificial Tree$25.00
JoannsearchHoliday Inspirations 7 Foot Unlit Christmas Tree (Saturday)$25.00
AAFESsearch6-ft Pre-lit Farfield Fir Christmas Tree$25.00
Craft Warehousesearch4-Piece Ergotool Set$24.99
KmartsearchTrim A Home 42" Fiber Optic Tree$24.99
Searssearch27-In Table Top Billards & Air Powered Hockey$24.99
Home Depotsearch30" Decorated Wreaths$24.98
Craft WarehousesearchBacking Kit Reg$22.99
Craft WarehousesearchMinkee Kit$20.99
Craft WarehousesearchSewing Storage Unit$20.00
Craft WarehousesearchWood Candle Tray$20.00
LowessearchHome Logic 10' EZ H20 Christmas Tree Stand$20.00
Targetsearch200-Ct Philips LED Light Set$20.00
KmartsearchHuggies Big Pack Diapers$19.99
Searssearch25 Count Decorative Shatterproof Ornaments$19.99
ACE Hardwaresearch4" Pre Lit Christmas Tree$19.99
MichaelssearchArtist's Loft 125-Piece Ultimate Art Set$19.99
Rite Aidsearch3' Pre-Lit Porch Trees$19.99
Rite AidsearchIndoor/Outdoor Miniature Light Sets$19.99
MichaelssearchFiskars (Saturday)$19.99
JoannsearchWrights SideWinder Portable Bobbin Winder$19.99
Craft WarehousesearchFestive Cookie Jar$10.00$19.99
JoannsearchOttLite 13W Slimline Task Lamp$19.99
JoannsearchRowenta Steam 'n Press DA72 Steambush$19.99
Home DepotsearchShatterproof Ornaments$19.98
Home DepotsearchTree Skirts$19.98
LowessearchEvergreen Mesh Wire Footed Basket$19.98
LowessearchHoliday Living Santa Cookie Jar$19.98
Home Depotsearch11' T-Bone Gutter Light Kit$19.98
LowessearchLighted Assorted Airblown Inflatables$19.97
Lowessearch5' to 6' Fresh Cut Douglas Fir Christmas Tree$19.97
Home DepotsearchPre-Lit 25' Noble Fir Garland$19.97
Home DepotsearchHairblown Inflatable Penguin Or Polar Bear$19.97
Home DepotsearchPre-Lit 42" Porch Christmas Tree in Urn$19.88
Home DepotsearchFresh-Cut Christmas Trees$18.95
Home Depotsearch5'-6' Fraser Fir$18.95
Craft WarehousesearchCircle Scissor Pro Tool$18.88
Kohlssearch4 Ft. Pre-Lit Green Tree$15.99
Home DepotsearchChristmas Figures$15.98
Old NavysearchKids' And Toddlers' Frost Free Jackets$15.00
Michaelssearch4 1/2 Foot Pre Lit Washington Pine Entryway Tree$14.99
MichaelssearchCreatology Kids Art Sets$14.99
KmartsearchTrim A Home Five Foot Airblown Inflatable Lighted Outdoor Figure$14.99
SearssearchChristmas Porch Greeter$14.99
KmartsearchTrim A Home 16-Ct Large Shatterproof Ornaments$14.99
AAFESsearch48" Glitter Print Felt Tree Skirt$14.99
Craft WarehousesearchSentiment Collage Frames (8 openings)$14.99
JoannsearchQuilter's Palette Fabric Quarters Gift Container (Saturday)$14.99
Home Depotsearch6-Pack Multicolored Bulb Lawn Stakes$14.97
LowessearchOrnament Storage Box$14.97
LowessearchChristmas Tree Storage Bag$14.97
JC PenneysearchYankee Candle Cozy Topper Gift Set$14.88
Craft WarehousesearchScrapbook Kits By American Crafts (12" x 12")$14.00
LowessearchEvergreen Black Rooster$12.97
LowessearchEvergreen Red Rooster$12.97
Home Depotsearch150-Light GE Pro-Line Mini Set$12.97
Craft WarehousesearchChristmas or Santa Box Set$12.88
Craft WarehousesearchSentiment Collage Frames (6 openings)$12.49
KmartsearchTrim A Home 18 Count Collectible Porcelain Village Set$12.49
KmartsearchTrim A Home 18-ct Collectible Porcelain Village Set$12.49
LowessearchHome Logic 8' Ultimate Christmas Tree Stand$12.00
Craft Warehousesearch30mm Dragonfly Pendant$11.99
Home Depotsearch8' Tree Stand$11.97
Home Depotsearch100-Light Clear Icicle Led Set$10.97
Old NavysearchKids' And Toddlers' Jeans$10.00
Craft WarehousesearchDesigner Bead Strands (3 Strands)$10.00
Craft Warehousesearch7oz Yankee Tumbler Candles$10.00
Craft WarehousesearchCandle Holder Sets (4 Styles)$10.00
Craft WarehousesearchScrapbook Kits By American Crafts (8" x 8")$10.00
MichaelssearchPre-Lit Wreath & Garland Set$9.99
Home DepotsearchShatter-Resistant 76-Piece Ornament Set$9.99
Michaelssearch18" Pre Lit Christmas Tipped Christmas Trees$9.99
MichaelssearchArtist's Loft Art Cases$9.99
Rite AidsearchLED Color Changing Light Set$9.99
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