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Game Stop Black Friday List

searchAC/DC Track Pack w/Rock Band PurchaseFree
searchAssassin's Creed II (Xbox 360)$59.99
searchBakugan Battle Brawlers (DS)$29.99
searchBand Hero (Game Only) (Wii)$59.99
searchBatman Arkham Asylum (PS3)$39.99
searchBatman Arkham Asylum (Xbox 360)$39.99
searchBeatles Rockband (Xbox 360)$49.99
searchBen 10 Alien Force (DS)$9.99
searchBen 10 Alien Force (Wii)$9.99
searchBorderlands (PS3)$49.99
searchBorderlands (Xbox 360)$49.99
searchBuy 2 Get 1 Free On All Pre-Owned Games and AccessoriesB2G1 Free
searchCall of Duty Modern Warfare 2 (PS3)$59.99
searchCall of Duty Modern Warfare 2 (Xbox 360)$59.99
searchCall of Duty World at War (PS3)$39.99
searchCall of Duty World at War (Xbox 360)$39.99
searchCall of Juarez Bound in Blood (Xbox 360)$19.99
searchChicken Blaster w/Wii Rifle (Wii)$29.99
searchCrisis Core - Final Fantasty VII (PSP)$9.99
searchDead Space (Wii)$19.99
searchDirt 2 (Xbox 360)$49.99
searchDrawn to Life (DS)$19.99
searchDrawn to Life (Wii)$39.99
searchDS Duo Game Case & Stylus$4.99
searchDS Lite Traveler Case$4.99
searchDynasty Warriors 6 (Xbox 360)$19.99
searchFallout 3 (PS3)$49.99
searchFallout 3 (Xbox 360)$49.99
searchFamily Game Night (Xbox 360)$39.99
searchForza Motorsport 3 (Xbox 360)$39.99
searchFossil Fighters$34.99
searchGame Boy Advance SP Pre-owned System$29.99
searchGears of War (Used) (Xbox 360)$9.99
searchGod of War II (PS2)$19.99
searchGod of War II (PS3)$39.99
searchGran Turismo (PSP)$39.99
searchGran Turismo 3 (Used) (PS2)$1.99
searchGran Turismo 5 (PS3)$29.99
searchGrand Theft Auto IV (PS3)$19.99
searchGrand Theft Auto IV (Xbox 360)$19.99
searchGuild Wars Trilogy (PC)$24.99
searchGuitar Hero 5 (PS3)$39.99
searchGuitar Hero 5 (Xbox 360)$39.99
searchGuitar Hero Aerosmith (Used) (PS3)$7.49
searchGuitar Hero Aerosmith (Used) (Xbox 360)$7.49
searchGuitar Hero III Legends of Rock (Used) (PS3)$4.99
searchGuitar Hero III Legends of Rock (Used) (Xbox 360)$4.99
searchGuitar Hero World Tour (Used) (PS3)$14.99
searchGuitar Hero World Tour (Used) (Xbox 360)$14.99
searchHalo 3 ODST (Xbox 360)$39.99
searchJewelry Design (DS)$19.99
searchLeft 4 Dead 2 (PC)$29.99
searchLeft 4 Dead 2 (Xbox 360)$39.99
searchLEGO Rock Band (Xbox 360) w/Free Lego Keychain$49.99
searchLittle Big Planet (PSP)$39.99
searchLittlest Pet Shop Starter Kit (DS)$14.99
searchMadden NFL '08 (Used) (PS3)$2.99
searchMario & Luigi: Bowser's Inside Story (DS)$34.99
searchMario and Sonic Olympic Winter Games (Wii)$49.99
searchMario Kart (DS)$34.99
searchMario Kart (Wii)$49.99
searchMario Kart Super Circuit (Used) (GBA)$19.99
searchMario Party (DS)$34.99
searchMonster Hunter 2 (PSP)$19.99
searchMy Sims Racing (DS)$29.99
searchMySims Agents (Wii)$19.99
searchNaruto Shippuden Ninja Destiny 2 (DS)$19.99
searchNCAA Football '10 (Xbox 360)$49.99
searchNeed for Speed Shift (Xbox 360)$39.99
searchNeed for Speed: Nitro (Wii)$19.99
searchNerf w/Controller (Wii)$59.99
searchNintendo DS Lite Pre-owned System$59.99
searchNintendo DS Original Pre-owned System$49.99
searchNintendo DSi Limited Edition Brain Age Bundle$169.99
searchNintendo DSi Limited Edition Mario Bundle$169.99
searchNintendo DSi System$169.99
searchNintendo Wii Console$199.99
searchPokemon Mystery Dungeon Explorers Sky (DS)$34.99
searchPokemon Platinum Version (DS)$34.99
searchPokemon Ranger (Used) (DS)$12.99
searchProfessor Layton and the Diabolical Box (DS)$34.99
searchPrototype (PS3)$29.99
searchPrototype (Xbox 360)$29.99
searchPS2 Console$99.99
searchPS2 Pre-owned Console$39.99
searchPS2 Slim Pre-owned Console$49.99
searchPS3 120GB Console$299.99
searchPS3 120GB Holiday Bundle with 3 Games$299.99
searchPS3 DualShock 3 Wireless Controller$54.99
searchPS3 Energizer Controller Charger$19.99
searchPSP 3000 Core Pack$169.99
searchPSP Assassin's Creed Bloodline Bundle$199.99
searchPSP Go In-Ear Headset$19.99
searchPSP Go System$249.99
searchPSP Go Traveler Case$19.99
searchPSP Original Pre-owned System$79.99
searchPSP Road Gear Kit$9.99
searchRainbox Six Vegas (PSP)$9.99
searchRock Band Unplugged (PSP)$29.99
searchSanDisk Memory Stick Pro Duo 2GB (PSP)$14.99
searchSanDisk Memory Stick Pro Duo 4GB (PSP)$19.99
searchSanDisk Wii/DSi 2GB SD Card (Wii)$7.49
searchSanDisk Wii/DSi 4GB SDHC Card (Wii)$14.99
searchScribblenauts (DS)$29.99
searchSims 3 (PC)$29.99
searchSing It w/ Microphone (Wii)$49.99
searchSmackdown Vs Raw 2010 (Xbox 360)$49.99
searchSOCOM U.S. Navy Seals (Used) (PSP)$9.99
searchSpider Man (Xbox 360)$19.99
searchSpore Hero (Wii)$19.99
searchSpore Hero Arena (DS)$29.99
searchStyle Lab Makeover (DS)$19.99
searchStyle Savvy (DS)$34.99
searchSuper Mario Bros. (DS)$34.99
searchSuper Mario Bros. (Wii)$49.99
searchSuper Mario Galaxy (Used) (Wii)$39.99
searchTeenage Mutant Ninja Turtles Smash-Up (Wii)$29.99
searchTekken 6 (Xbox 360)$39.99
searchThe Price is Right (Wii)$19.99
searchUncharted 2: Among Thieves (PS3)$59.99
searchVarious Charm Girls Club Games (Prom, Show, Mall) (DS)$29.99
searchVarious Littlest Pet Shop Games (DS)$29.99
searchWii Active$29.99
searchWii Energizer Power & Play Station$19.99
searchWii Fit Plus (Game Only)$19.99
searchWii Fit Plus with Balance Board$99.99
searchWii Motion Plus$24.99
searchWii Music (Used) (Wii)$39.99
searchWii Nunchuck$19.99
searchWii Play$49.99
searchWii Play (Used) (Wii)$9.99
searchWii Remote$39.99
searchWii Remote Controller Red$29.99
searchWii Sports Pack$9.99
searchWii Sports Resort$49.99
searchWii Sports Resort w/Free 2nd MotionPlus Controller$49.99
searchWii Zapper w/Link's Crossbow Training$24.99
searchWireless Controller and Charger (Xbox 360)$69.99
searchWorld of Warcraft (PC)$4.99
searchWorld of Warcraft Battlechest (PC)$19.99
searchWorld of Zoo (Wii)$29.99
searchXbox 360 Arcade Console$199.99
searchXbox 360 Elite Holiday Bundle with 3 Games$299.99
searchXbox 360 Energizer Controller Charger$19.99
searchXbox Live 3 Month Gold Card$19.99
searchZelda (Used) (DS)$19.99
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Be prepared for the busiest retail shopping day of the year 2009. Retailers such as Game Stop. Are opening early and providing great sale prices on their products to start off the holiday shopping season. Listed on this page is the black friday list for Game Stop that have leaked on to the internet. As they did the year before. Check out Game Stop 2008 black friday ads