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2009 Black Friday DVD Players

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DVD Players Black Friday List

Best BuysearchSamsung BD-P4600 Blu-ray Disc Player$279.99
Abes of MainesearchSamsung BDP3600 Blu-Ray Disc Player$279.99
BJ's WholesalesearchSamsung Blu-Ray Player (Model BDP4600)$259.99
Abes of MainesearchSony BDP-S560 Blu-Ray Disc DVD Player$199.00
BJ's WholesalesearchSamsung Blu-Ray Player (Model BDP3600)$189.99
Dell HomesearchSony BDP-S360 Blu-ray Disc Player$149.99
Best BuysearchSamsung Blu-Ray Disc Player$149.99
Best BuysearchSony BDP-S360 Blu-ray Disc Player$149.99
SearssearchSamsung Blu-ray Disc Player (Model BD-P1600-A)$149.99
SearssearchSony Blu-ray Disc Player (Model #BDPS360)$149.99
TargetsearchSony Blu-Ray Player With Free $20 Gift Card$149.99
Radio ShacksearchSamsung BD-1600A Blu-ray Disc Player$149.99
WalMartsearchSamsung BD-P1590 Blu Ray Player (Saturday)$148.00
WalMartsearchSony BDP-S369 Blu Ray Player$148.00
MacMallsearchSony 1080p Blu-ray Disc Player$144.99
CompusasearchSony BDPS360 Blu-Ray Disc Player$127.99
MeijersearchGPX 10.2" Portable DVD Player$99.99
SearssearchGPX BD707B DVD/CD Boom Box w/7" LCD Display$99.99
Best BuysearchInsignia Blu-ray Disc Player (Model # NS-BRDVD3)$99.99
AAFESsearchSharp Aquos Blu-ray Player$99.00
OnSale.comsearchMagnavox Full HD 1080p Blu-ray Disc DVD Player (Model NB500MG9) with HDMI, SD Card Slot (Refurbished)$89.99
MeijersearchSylvania Blu-ray Disc Player$89.00
TargetsearchRCA 7 Inch Dual Screen Portable DVD Player With Car Adapter$88.00
SearssearchGPX 8" Portabe DVD Player PD808BU$79.99
WalMartsearchMagnavox NB500 Blu-ray Disc Player$78.00
MacyssearchHaier 7" Portable DVD Player (After Rebate)$49.99
Toys R UssearchCoby 7" Portable DVD Player$49.99
SearssearchSylvania 7" Portable DVD Player (Model SDVD7015)$49.99
StaplessearchCoby 7" Portable DVD Player$49.99
SearssearchMagnavox DVD Player With VCR (Model DV225MG9)$49.99
KmartsearchMagnavox DVD Player w/VCR$49.99
KmartsearchSylvania 7 Inch Portable DVD Player$49.99
TargetsearchRCA 7 Inch Portable DVD Player$47.00
Office MaxsearchMemorex Progressive Scan DVD Player$39.99
SearssearchSony DVD Player DVP-SR200P$34.99
KmartsearchMemorex 1080P HDMI Upconvert DVD Player$29.99
Radio ShacksearchMemorex Upconverting DVD Player$29.99
AAFESsearchCoby 1080p Unconverting DVD Player$29.95
Toys R UssearchDigital Labs DVD Player$19.99
MacyssearchHaier Full-Size DVD Player (After Rebate)$19.99
MeijersearchGFM Progressive Scan DVD Player$19.99
TargetsearchMemorex Compact DVD Player With Progressive Scan$19.99
SearssearchCurtis DVD Player AR$17.99
AJWrightsearchPremier DVD Player$16.99
MenardssearchDVD Player$14.99
AAFESsearchSabre 1080i Upconversion DVD Player w/HDMI$11.27
hhgreggsearchCompact DVD Player$9.97
hhgreggsearchToshiba Blu-Ray Disc Player79.97 AR
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Be prepared for the busiest retail shopping day of the year 2009. Retailers are opening early and providing great sales within the DVD Players department. Listed on this page is the black friday list for DVD Players that have leaked on to the internet.

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