Black Friday List 2008

Black Friday ads, AKA the day after Thanksgiving ads is historically one of the busiest retail shopping days each year in the United States. Most retailers will open very early and provide massive sales on their products. Below is the black friday list for black Friday that have leaked on to the internet. So get jumpstart on your Christmas shoping list this year and save!

  • Old Navy logo
  • Kmart logo
  • Staples logo
  • Military BX logo
  • Best Buy logo
  • Bass Pro logo
  • Lowes logo
  • Meijer logo
  • CVS logo
  • Office Max logo
  • Wal-Mart logo
  • Pep Boys logo
  • Target logo
  • Office Depot logo
  • JC Penney logo
  • Circuit City logo
  • Costco logo
  • Kohls logo
  • Walgreens logo
  • Tommy Hilfiger logo
  • Home Depot logo
  • Sears logo
  • Rite Aid logo
  • ACE Hardware logo
  • Toys R Us logo
  • Sams logo
  • Harbor Freight logo
  • Radio Shack logo
Look at past years black friday ads:
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So why is it called Black Friday?

The most popular theory of the black Friday origin is that retailers operated at a financial loss for most of the year 2008 but regained their profits during the holiday season starting on the "Friday" after Thanksgiving. When accountings file the financial records the red ink showed the negative amounts and the black ink showed the positive amounts. Black Friday, The day after Thanks Giving was the beginning of the period where the retailer would not have losses for that year. Profit margins were in the "black"